Blemished Adventure Tent

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If you’ve been waiting for a great deal this is as good as it gets.

These tents have some or all of the following VISIBLE FLAWS:
(See photos for some examples)
  • Nicks and scratches on wood posts
  • Posts with dark brown wood grain
  • Skips in some stitching
  • Gaps between the fabric and some overedge stitches
  • Some small stains blemishes on the fabric
  • Wrinkles in Fabric
  • Seams in hammock fabric.
  • Some flaws may not be listed
These Tents are fully functional. although there are hiccups, your kitty certainly won’t notice them!

The Adventure Tent is a super fun cat bed, hammock, and tent in one modern pet-friendly design. Made in Canada by Tinker Trading Co.

Your fuzzball will love the adventure of their new tent. Hiding under and hanging out of the only pet tent on the market that’s lifted of the floor and has a built-in hammock!  You’ll smile every time they hop in for a rest or play.

The Tinker Adventure Tent comes ready to assemble without the need for tools! It’s a breeze to move around the house or to make room for the vacuum. The Adventure Tent is just as easy to disassemble for travel, so you can bring a piece of home when visiting friends and family.

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– Easy assembly – no tools required
– Removable top made from 100% cotton canvas – It's tough stuff!
– Built-in Hammock
– Lifted off the ground
– Easy to move around
– Packable for travel and storage
– Handmade & Hand Sewn in the Canadian prairies


Bed size ≈ 15" x 15"
Floor Space ≈ 20" x 20"
Height ≈ 28"


4 x tent posts
4 x cross beams
1 x bed base
1 x tent cover
2 x lacing pins
1 x sisal rope


If a lint roller won't cut it, spot clean area


Tinker Trading Co.


Blemished, But fully functional


We’ve done our best to make the assemble a cinch! If you have any trouble after watching our how to video and following the instructions just get in touch! We’re happy to help!


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