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The Adventure Tent is a super fun cat bed, hammock, and tent in one modern pet-friendly design. Made in Canada by Tinker Trading Co.

Your fuzzball will love the adventure of their new tent. Hiding under and hanging out of the only pet tent on the market that’s lifted of the floor and has a built-in hammock!  You’ll smile every time they hop in for a rest or play.

The Tinker Adventure Tent comes ready to assemble without the need for tools! It’s a breeze to move around the house or to make room for the vacuum. The Adventure Tent is just as easy to disassemble for travel, so you can bring a piece of home when visiting friends and family.

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– Easy assembly – no tools required- Removable top made from 100% cotton canvas – It's tough stuff!- Built-in Hammock- Lifted off the ground- Easy to move around- Packable for travel and storage- Handmade & Hand Sewn in the Canadian prairies


Bed size ≈ 15" x 15"Floor Space ≈ 20" x 20"Height ≈ 28"


4 x tent posts4 x cross beams1 x bed base1 x tent cover2 x lacing pins1 x sisal rope


If a lint roller won't cut it, spot clean area


Tinker Trading Co.




We’ve done our best to make the assemble a cinch! If you have any trouble after watching our how to video and following the instructions just get in touch! We’re happy to help!

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77 reviews for Adventure Tent

  1. LM

  2. FOOZE

    Now that my other cat is here, he took to his tent much quicker! Even a chunky boi like him can enjoy this. Thank you!

    Image #1 from FOOZE
  3. Meagan Turner

    Our cat immediately went in and started purring. It took a little bit after that to get them back in, but once we found a small blanket that smells like them…if we can’t find them around the house we look in the TeePee. 🙂 Very happy with it!

    Image #1 from Meagan Turner
  4. Jenn Wall

    The item arrived very quickly and was exactly as described. Very good quality and my cats love it! Thanks!

  5. itsumodreamer

    We love this so much! Cat furniture that actually looks beautiful! Great quality, very cute, and matches our decor. Appreciated the instructional video as it was a little tricky to set up (but didn’t take long). Our cat already checked it out and hopefully will use it!

  6. juliasweb

    Our cat immediately took to it without any prodding whatsoever! It was easy to assemble with the video as a guide. Arrived very quickly from Canada too. Overall supremely satisfied and it looks great!!

    Image #1 from juliasweb
  7. Jenn

    My cats loves it! The quality is great and l’ll definitely be purchasing another one.

  8. Fooze

    Still learning to get him to use the tent but whenever he does, it makes for adorable photos. Love the quality of the build and the ease of assembly after first learning how to do it. And the wicked fast shipping omg. Thank you!

  9. gerrlynch

    It arrived quickly and got used by my cats just as quickly. My cats and I are happy with the tent!

    Image #1 from gerrlynch
  10. Pamela Mato Krause

    This tent is just the cutest! My cat checked it out the very first day and now can frequently be seen napping in it. Great purchase!

    Image #1 from Pamela Mato Krause
  11. Ashlee Moore

    Easy set up & quality product!

    Image #1 from Ashlee Moore
  12. Sally

    Nikita loves his new tent! Everything about this little tent is purrfect It arrived at our front door in less than a week, the setup was easy, due to the excellent instructions. The workmanship is impeccable right down to every last detail. The toggle closures are so cute. Thank you for designing such an excellent piece of furniture🐾🐾

    Image #1 from Sally
  13. Lee

    Great quality and my cat loved it immediately! It’s become one of his favourite places to nap. It’s sturdy and of great quality. It wasn’t too hard to assemble once I started following the video. I would highly recommend this item

    Image #1 from Lee
  14. Cheryl Caryl

    Shipped the same day I ordered. Truly easy to assemble and seems very sturdy. Happy cat, happy owner!

  15. Tasha Rae

    Super cute tent. We ended up buying three. Our cats love them

    Image #1 from Tasha Rae
  16. Karen Evans Dunham

    Love, love, LOVE! So does my kitty! Easy to assemble — after I watched the video, that is. I might replace the twine with rawhide. Thank you!

  17. Peter Hoare

    Our cat completely loves it!

  18. Robin Zelonis

    Amazingly fast shipping. I am sure my kitties will love it as much as I do. Awesome in every way!

  19. Inactive

    Put him in and he never left! Safe to say our kitty loves his new bed just as much as we do. Beautiful piece, great quality and easy to put together. 100% worth the price and kitty approved.

    Image #1 from Inactive
  20. Sierra Crisp

    This is so cute I can hardly stand it. I have a really small dog and she loves it!


    Excellent quality & very speedy delivery 🐱🐈

  22. kas wareham

    Super cute and shipping was really fast.

  23. Tracy Deuel

    Easy to put together and very cute. The cat it was purchased for seems to appreciate it as a hiding spot at times and at others as a good vantage point. The quality is great and I expect it will last for a while.

    Image #1 from Tracy Deuel

    Francis Jackson Garcia, a/k/a Frankie, loves his tent and will always be thankful for it!

  25. nikkidbevans

    It was only up for about 10 minutes before Nahko crawled inside and hasn’t gotten out since! Great quality, shipped quickly, only 5 min to put together.

    Image #1 from nikkidbevans
  26. Mark Cachia

    Would purchase again in a heart beat.

  27. Hannah Pienknagura

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! It’s freaking adorable and really high quality. And kitten approved!

    Image #1 from Hannah Pienknagura
  28. Anant Prabhakar

    It looks great and was exactly as pictured! Pretty easy to assemble as well and arrived so fast too!

  29. Whitley Clear

    I bought this as a gift for my sister and her three cats. This was the absolute best purchase! The cats love it! They fight over using it and take turns going inside. It is so great when you give a person something that brings them great joy. This gift has brought the three creatures that live with my sister something to hide and playfully ambush each other with and it is perfect. I will most likely need to get two more soon.

  30. Erica Naz

    My cats started fighting over this tent within 10 mins of putting it together. Will probably have to purchase another one soon!

    Image #1 from Erica Naz
  31. Laryssa

    Photo taken approximately 0.02s after building complete. Millie (pictured) LOVES it. Lyla (my oldest) gave me the look of “I will investigate after the children have their moment.” Salem (my CH cat) is utterly traumatized by it so far, but I have a feeling he will love it most! Thank you so much!

    Image #1 from Laryssa
  32. E B

    Absolutely adorable! And very quick shipping to USA. I was looking for something hammock-like for my cat, and this is perfect. She’s still getting used to it, but it hasn’t been up two months yet and it’s already in her sleeping spot rotation. I got the “Neptune” and found the color to be true to the pictures.

    Image #1 from E B
  33. Vero Viva

    So beautiful and well made. Wish it was just a little bigger.

  34. Andrea Cedillo

    Beautiful and very well made! Looks like another piece of furniture and not a cat bed 🙂 shipping was very fast! My cat is slowly warming up to it

    Image #1 from Andrea Cedillo
  35. Monica Manibusan

    Pretty easy to put together and looks exactly as pictured. My cat is enjoying it!

  36. Emma Sletten Hansen

    Cat approves 🙂 a bit tricky to assemble alone, but worth it!

    Image #1 from Emma Sletten Hansen
  37. Amanda

    Very easy to put together with the video! And the color was very true to the online picture. Very happy with the purchase! My cat is starting to get used to this after a few catnip sprays.

    Image #1 from Amanda
  38. Danielle

    Finnley absolutely loves this!! He was in it from the moment I put it together!! So stylish and sturdy!! Thanks!

    Image #1 from Danielle
  39. Toni Starick

    Best gift for my daughter and her sweet new little girl. Thank you.

  40. Carlos Urbina

    The design is remarkable, it’s so well built and it looks amazing. I was surprised at how easy it is to assembly (the included video is very clear)

    Image #1 from Carlos Urbina
  41. For my Lord n Lady

    It’s very well made…. and I am sure that my sister’s cat will come to love it…. once he understands it is there to sleep in!…..(I guess he is just a strange cat!)…. but for now it’s up and ready for residence!….

  42. jfrischmann

    love it! very cute and the cats got right in… but, tricky to assemble with one person, you need at least 3 hands!

  43. Renee

    Very cute and wasn’t hard to put together. My cat is still getting used to it but when she likes to hide she goes in it. Thanks, Renee

  44. Nick Kaeser

    Wonderful! My mother-in-law loved it as a Motgers Day gift and house warming gift. More importantly her old cat Tabouli loves sleeping in it in the garden. Thank You!

  45. Corinne

    My cat valid it. Thank you so much Andrew.

    Image #1 from Corinne
  46. Jacalyn B

    Two words: SO CUTE. This adventure tent was 100% worth the wait. It’s very well constructed and I appreciated the helpful + easy how-to video you can watch to assemble the tent. My cats dove right into it as soon as it was set up, and it’s very sturdy! The charcoal colour complements my furniture and other accessories, and this tent doesn’t take up a lot of space, either. Andrew was awesome in getting back to me quickly when I messaged the shop. Overall a fantastic experience, every cat owner should have one of these.

    Image #1 from Jacalyn B
  47. Sabiny

    High-quality tent, well-designed and cosy for our little pet! Plus, it looks great in our living room.

  48. Rose

    Exactly as advertised. Quality item.

  49. Andrea Weinberg

    Absolutely wonderful product – thoughtful, high-quality design, easy to assemble with cute guided illustrations, and speedy shipping. Plus, the cats really enjoy it! Thank you for brightening up our living roo

  50. Mackenzie Lamp

    Yay! She loves it. Great quality and easy to put together.

    Image #1 from Mackenzie Lamp
  51. Christina Xan

    Bought a grey tent for my cat’s 5th birthday, and his brother got jealous, so now Fitz has a tan tent of his own. Again — super great quality and wildly fast shipping.

    Image #1 from Christina Xan
  52. Christina Xan

    This was Pepper’s big present for his 5th birthday, and he immediately fell in love with it — so much in fact, that I just bought another for his brother. Super fast shipping, great quality, and easy instructions!

    Image #1 from Christina Xan
  53. Nicole

    Thank you ! The Adventure Tent ist very nice, our cat like it.

  54. Angelina Siemens (verified owner)

    The tent is beautiful and very easy to put together. My cat loves it!
    You can tell the materials are of high quality and it is an absolute eye catcher; everybody that sees it complements it.
    The customer experience shopping it was excellent. I was at the moment in the US traveling and it was shipped express to ensure I would get it prior to traveling back home in Germany. All was very easy and Andrew, was very helpful, facilitating this all and answering all my questions.
    5 stars to the customer experience and to the product as well.

  55. Bernadette

    Punctual delivery, super nice Wigwam

  56. Zybi

    Fast delivery, nice cat tent!

  57. Corinne

    Great Quality, super nice to look at 👍🏻

  58. Tara

    Beautifully crafted! Such a lovely piece of furniture to add to our home. Thank you!

  59. C A

    Great teepee. Beautiful, quality construction, easy to assemble and lightning fast shipping. Only problem is my cat won’t sit in it even though I’ve coaxed her in different ways from treats to toys to picking her up and putting her in it. Crossing my fingers that she’ll warm up to it eventually.

  60. CY Na

    Fast delivery, easy assemble, and strong floor mat than expected. Hope my meow boi using the tent sooner!

  61. Kelly Munoz

    I love the tent! It’s super cute and easy to put together. I don’t regret that I spent $100 for it because yeah maybe I could make one watching a you tube, but it won’t come out as nice as this tent. And the hammock part is stretchy. My cat is acting like she don’t like it, probably because I keep shoving her in tent and giggling with glee😝 don’t let my cat’s frown deter you. It’s my fault for squealing how cute she is and trying to take pictures of her sitting in the tent.

    Image #1 from Kelly Munoz
  62. Girlsoda (verified owner)

    Super produit design, le bois et le tissu sont de très bonne qualité, mes chats adorent.
    Great product design, wood and fabric are of very good quality, my cats love it.

  63. Oliver (verified owner)

    My adventure tent came in on a Sunday. It was a pleasant surprise! Easy to assemble. High quality materials. Great packaging and fast shipping. I love the cappuccino color. I also appreciate that this is Canadian made and from a local business. My two cats immediately loved their tent. I may need to get another!

  64. Eunhui Jung

    Cozy!!! She loves it!!! Thank you!!!

    Image #1 from Eunhui Jung
  65. Anastasia

    My adventure tent is a beautiful piece of furniture in my apartment. My cats love how cozy it is, and the material used is super high quality. Lots of support (even for fat cats lol).

  66. sarahlamarche0614

    Moving this weekend and got my cat something special to sleep in. Sorry I couldn’t get a photo with her in it at the moment. The quality is perfect. And I love that there’s a selection for colors and the shipping was fast! So excited to see her use it. Thanks so much 🙂

    Image #1 from sarahlamarche0614
  67. Priya S

    Our cat loves his adventure tent from Tinker. I ordered this one as a birthday gift for a friend’s cat . Guess what? He loves it, too! Excellent craftsmanship, quality, and customer service. Highly recommend!

  68. Amanda

    Such a well made kitty tent! My Quinny loves it!!

  69. Nicole

    Our cats love these tee pees! They are so stylish and very well made! Thank you Andrew.

    Image #1 from Nicole
  70. Nicole

    These are beautifully made and very sturdy! I appreciate the quality hand craftsmanship, great! My kitty got right in! Andrew was wonderful to communicate with as well, Thanks!

  71. Inactive

    Thank you very much!!!! We could not finish building it soon enoug for him to enjoy it!!!!

    Image #1 from Inactive
  72. Priya

    Beautiful craftsmanship! Our kitten loves it. Very pleasant experience.

  73. Morgan

    Lovely little tent! Shipping was fast and assembly was easy. I now have a very happy campurr! ?

    Image #1 from Morgan
  74. Lindsay

    My husband and I are thrilled that our cat is drawn to this tent. I have tried buying many different beds over the years and she would never use them. She loves this!! And it’s adorable. It shipped super quickly to our home in Canada as well. Thank you!

  75. Emmanuelle

    Great product, Capucine loves it!

  76. Jenna

    Great quality with easy assembly! Both my cats love it!

  77. Rhonda

    Brilliant design and very nicely crafted. My kitten loves it. Thank you.

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