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About Tinker:

Tinker is a furniture design company at heart. Our origins in traditional woodworking have built a passion for elegant designs and items that last; these values are still true when it comes to our furniture for fuzzy friends.

Our ultimate goal is:
Keep things simple – Make them last.

What makes the Adventure Tent awesome?

The Adventure Tent Is a pawsome cat bed/cat hammock/cat tent in a modern design.

  • Made to last with Canadian hard maple and durable upholstery quality fabrics.
  • The design features an extremely comfortable stretchy hammock, a removable top for soaking up the suns rays. Plus it’s lifted off the ground so it’s easy to move around the house.
  • The no tool assembly makes the tent packable for travel and simple to disassemble for machine washing.
  • It’s handmade & hand sewn in the Canadian prairies.
  • 110% Instagramable!

The Team

Andrew Elaschuk

Tinker Trading Co. is a one man operation with Andrew in charge of the entire development and production of the Adventure Tent. He has seen the design trough from the first concept sketch to taking orders to the post office.

“I’m so happy to be able to be a maker in my small shop and bring comfort and a good design to so many furry friends around the globe!”


Mo (Grey), Olli (Orange)
Tinker Meowdels

Mo and Olli are brothers that were adopted Christmas Eve 2017 and became the motivation behind the Adventure Tent. We couldn’t ask for better guys, they make us smile everyday!

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