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Our story

The Tinker story started late 2015 in the rainforest of Tofino, BC, a place of beauty and strength. This little woodshop inside a cargo trailer was the perfect place to start exploring design and woodworking. 

There has been plenty of forks in the road since those early days of tinkering but our goal has remained the same. Keep things simple –  make them last.

The first Tinker workshop in the forest

Our designs

Tinker is a furniture design company at heart. Our origins in traditional woodworking have fueled our passion for elegant designs and items that last. It’s the beating heart and the engine of the company.

Why choose us

Being in charge of the entire development and production process, from the first sketch to taking your order to the post office, gives the opportunity to do things right. We want our products to last whilst being used every day.

If you have any issue with your order get in touch, the same person who did the sewing and mailed you the parcel is the one who will answer your email and help you out. How cool is small biz!

If there is one topic I could talk forever about this is probably it. Good design is our passion and we spend ages getting things on point. 

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